Why Does My Electrical Outlet Spark?

In most cases, residential and commercial electrical outlets have no moving parts. The electrical parts can last for a long time without requiring any attention. However, problems do develop after some time. The most troubling problem occurs when you start experiencing electrical outlet sparks. The electrical outlet sparks are seen after plugging in and plugging out an appliance from the outlet. Some of the causes of electrical outlet sparks include;

Overloaded circuit
In the home structure, various electrical circuits run through it. All these circuits are connected to the main power supply power panel. When electricity is needed in one circuit, power is transmitted from the main supply to the wall outlet through a specific outlet. If you draw a lot of power through that circuit, the circuit will be overloaded. The overloaded circuit may cause electric outlet spark.

Loose wire connections
Several wires are attached inside the walls of a house. Tightened securing screws are used to secure each wire outlet. If the screws become loose, the electric outlet may produce some sparks when an appliance is plugged into the outlet.

Water damage
We all know that water and electricity are not good friends. Whenever water is exposed to electricity, the electrical outlet will produce sparks. The power supply will be cut immediately water is exposed to electricity.

Faulty repair
Whenever you experience an electrical fault in your home, make sure that a professional repairs it. A faulty repair can cause electrical outlet spark that might cause more damage.

Old age
As mentioned above electrical parts can last for a very long time. As a result, they become old, lose, worn, and outdated. This brings about a high probability of electrical outlet spark in the house.

When faced with an electric outlet spark, make sure that your electrical system is checked to avoid further problems and damage.

If you need a reliable commercial electrical contractor or if you need lighting control systems, contact the team at C&J Electrical Services today.

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