Southfield Generator Installation Service for Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Keep your commercial or industrial facility running smoothly with reliable electrical service.

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With over 20 years of experience in the electrical service industry of Southeast Michigan, C&J Electrical Services is a leading commercial and industrial contractor in the Southfield area, offering full-service solutions for upgrades, data wiring, generators, lighting control systems, and more. Here at C & J Electrical Services, we believe in providing our clients with every convenience that we're capable of, no matter how much extra effort is involved. Our certified master electricians have an array of well-stocked service vans, and are ready to provide the equipment and labor required to do the job right the first time.

Industrial and Commercial Back-Up & Standby Generator Installations in Southfield, MI

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Power interruptions can cost your business thousands of dollars, especially if the power stays out for more than an hour. Generators can be wired into your existing system if you want one installed for a building you already occupy, or they can be added into your electrical plan for a new building. Because the power needs of businesses differ greatly, we will take a look at your current electrical draw and match your company with the right size generator depending on if you only need emergency power for an hour, or if you want something that can run for more than a day.

Lighting Control Systems -- Control Interior & Exterior Lights Remotely and Automatically

Lighting controls allow for customization to fit the needs of your facility and staff. Such systems allow for:

  • Exterior lighting control according to sunrise and sunset schedules
  • Interior lighting control according to building and occupant scheduling
  • Special event schedules per building or section of the building
  • The ability to turn lights on or off remotely to conserve energy
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Businesses frequently overlook the importance of exterior lighting, especially if the follow a 9-5 operating schedule. The lighting control systems we use are similar for both interior and exterior lighting systems, making it easy for you, and new employees, to understand which lights need to be turned on and off at the close of business. A good exterior lighting system will also help keep your business safe at night, keeping the area well-lit to deter crime, and help prevent accidents.

Southfield's Premier Commercial & Industrial Electrical Contractor

Do you need an electrical contractor to perform installations, repairs or maintenance for your commercial or industrial property? C&J Electrical is an expert in the field of industrial electrical installation and maintenance. Our team can take care of anything from small one-room to jobs to installing entire wiring systems in factories. We specialize in commercial and industrial electrical services, as well as installing retrofit lighting and network cabling installation. This can save your company a significant amount of money by having one contractor take care of all of your business' wiring needs, which include phone and ethernet networks.

  • Relocation planning and installation
  • Bus duct installation
  • Data cabling (Cat.5e, Cat. 6, and phone)
  • Pole light service and installation
  • Infrared scanning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades
  • UPS systems
  • Generator installation
  • Turnkey service upgrades
  • Motors and controls troubleshooting
  • Horizontal boring for electrical applications
  • Transformer installation
  • Primary services
  • Large machine power installation
  • IT room solutions cooling, UPS, dedicated circuits

Maintaining an electrical system on an industrial-level scale requires a specialized skill set you probably will not find with most electrical companies. The power loads involved in a factory or warehouse environment are typically more than you would find in even a large commercial setting. Choose a company with a longstanding reputation for reliability and quality work. The master electricians at C & J Electrical are available 24/7 to keep your operations running safely and efficiently.

The master electricians at C & J Electrical are available 24/7 to keep your operations running safely and efficiently. Call now for 24/7 emergency service or request a free quote by filling out our online form.